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  • Courtney McIntyre

Rice, Rice Baby - Japan's innovative rice substitute for excluded, doting family and friends

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, across the globe we have missed key milestones in our friends and family’s lives. While the internet has provided us with video calls, and endless picture updates, we will miss the ability to hug, kiss and hold.

For new parents this has been extremely challenging. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, families are unable to hold newborns and babies that have been welcomed into the world.

Enter Japan.

Now, in Japan parents can order bags of rice to send to friends and family that is the exact weight and length of their precious newborn. They even feature a picture of the newborn baby’s face on the bag so family members that are unable to meet the baby in person can still experience the sensation of holding the new addition.

The price is approximately one yen per gram.

Here in Australia, that equates to $42.99 for a 3.5kg (7lb7oz) ‘rice baby’.

On the Brekky Flow, Court talks about this touching innovation:


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