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Ukraine awaiting response on request for coal shipment

Australia is looking at how it can support Ukraine in a "practical way" as Kyiv is increasingly worried its plea for a coal shipment may go unanswered.

Australia is in discussions with Ukraine on how it can provide practical support,  as the war-torn country awaits a response on its bid for an urgently needed coal shipment. 

The Age and Sydney Morning Herald report Ukrainian officials have directly appealed to Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong for the shipment to help meet its energy needs as Russia targets its power plants with missile and drone attacks.

Asked why Australia wouldn't provide Ukraine with the coal it needs, Mr Marles said the government had given a response.

"In all that we are doing, we are looking at how our support can be sustainable and ongoing, because we mean to stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes Ukraine to resolve this conflict on its terms," he told the ABC's RN on Monday.

Richard Marles says Australia is focused on providing practical support for Ukraine.

"It also needs to be practical, and we are talking with Ukraine about how best we can do that. 

"From time to time, one item or another will end up in the media and it will gain attention, but what we're doing is focusing on our conversation with Ukraine about how the support that we can provide can be done the most practical way."

Ukraine is increasingly worried a coal shipment may not arrive in time for Europe's winter.


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