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Record number of flesh-eating ulcer cases

There were a record number of cases of flesh-eating Buruli ulcers in 2023, prompting a warning to cover up in warmer months.

A record number of Victorians were diagnosed with a flesh-eating ulcer in 2023.

There were 363 Buruli ulcer cases detected but most were not severe.

It's caused by a bacterial infection that can create significant skin damage including painful lumps, limb swelling and occasionally severe pain.

Health authorities say the mosquito-linked condition can be treated with antibiotics but early diagnosis is vital.

Anyone living or visiting coastal areas should take precautions against being bitten, Acting Health Minister Ingrid Stitt said.

"Warmer weather provides mosquitoes with an ideal breeding environment," she said.

"Victorians should use an insect repellent with DEET, cover up when outdoors and practice good hygiene by washing new scratches and cuts."


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