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  • Ellis Gelios

Qatar covers up as we go under the radar in North America

Flow's North American sport correspondent Eddie Dadds unpacked another weird week of sport on the Arvo Flow

Flow's North American correspondent Eddie Dadds unpacked another weird week of sport, with a look at the negative press coming out of Qatar ahead of the World Cup.

A sensationally weird story was doing the sports paper rounds this week, alleging that World Cup organisers in Qatar paid actors to front as everyday fans on the streets of the gulf nation, to paint a false picture of sprawling fan zones amid the backlash the country has faced relating to its human rights record.

Dadds described the report as “just very funny”, while also commenting on an Aussie flying under the radar in American College Football in the form of AFL great Dustin Fletcher’s son.

According to Dadds, Mason Fletcher will be drafted to an NFL franchise imminently and possesses lethal kicking abilities.

Dadds also offered his opinions on the AFL umpiring betting scandal and the looming return of Novak Djokovic to the 2023 Australian Open.


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