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Police crackdown on dangerous driving on major highways linking Victoria and South Australia

Police have caught 59 drivers for a range of driving offences during a major policing operation targeting dangerous and reckless drivers travelling on major highways between Victoria and South Australia.

Operation United, which was conducted on Thursday and Friday last week, saw police intercept hundreds of vehicles.

The operation involved numerous roving police patrols and roadside checkpoints on the Western and Princess Highways and country backroads, across Warrnambool and Horsham areas.

37 drivers were caught speeding, with 31 caught travelling between 10kmph and 25kmph over the speed limit.

Highway Patrol and general duties police breath tested over 900 drivers. Only one driver was caught with an alleged blood alcohol reading (BAC) over 0.05% while another was caught driving while allegedly drug impaired.

Three drivers were caught not wearing a seatbelt, and two people were caught driving while using their mobile phone.

Police intelligence shows speed and driver distraction has been a major contributor to serious injury collisions on regional roads this year.

Police will continue to have a major focus on drink and drug driving over the remainder of the year, with a state-wide road policing operation to be launched in December.

For more information and tips for staying safe on the roads during the festive period, visit the Road Safety page on the Victoria Police website.


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