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Nuclear energy ban targeted - once federal parliament resumes

Senator Canavan (centre) speaking with the media in 2022

A former resources minister plans to mount another assault on a decades-old ban on Australia using nuclear energy.

Queensland Nationals senator Matt Canavan told Flow that Australia couldn't reach a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target without nuclear energy:

"The simple reality is, if you want to get to net zero, you can't do it without nuclear energy. Sun and solar can't provide power 24-7 and countries that have tried to do it like Germany are in a complete and utter mess.
"Of the twenty largest economies in the world, we're only one of three that doesn't have a nuclear power station ... we're a real outlier in that respect.
"It's kind of crazy being the world's largest uranium exporter, and so supplying the fuel to the world for nuclear energy, but actually banning it here in this country."

Hear the full interview with LNP senator Matt Canavan on the Flow podcast player below:

The senator told Flow listeners he had intended to table a repeal bill during the sitting week commencing Monday 13 September 2022, but the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and suspension of parliament out of respect had delayed that initiative. The Queenslander said he would present the bill at the next opportunity.

Former Family First senator Bob Day attempted to repeal the ban in 2015 but it was voted down, and former Liberal senator Cory Bernardi introduced a repeal bill in 2017 which did not progress in the senate.


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