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  • Ellis Gelios

NSW-Victoria border changes welcomed by NSW border MP

NSW state MP for Murray Helen Dalton has thrown her support behind the easing of border rules between NSW and Victoria, citing imminent relief for struggling regional businesses.

“The NSW-Victoria border will essentially be open for vaccinated residents from 1 November,” Mrs Dalton said:

“Families can re-unite, people can go on holiday and long-suffering hospitality business will finally be able to accept customers from both sides of the Murray.”
“We’ve been advised that there will be no need for testing, isolating or declaration forms.”

Dalton went on to emphasise that many residents across Southern NSW had experienced prolonged hardships whilst borders have been closed indefinitely:

"So many in Regional NSW are dependent on Victoria for health services and for business.”

The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly said cross-border travellers no longer having to self-isolate would make a huge difference to morale across regional Australia.

“Because both NSW and Victoria put their own confusing restrictions in place, people trying to cross the border faced a bureaucratic headache.”
“But on Tuesday, the Victorian Government basically allowed Regional NSW residents to travel to Victoria,”
“On Thursday, the NSW Government said vaccinated NSW residents returning from Victoria would no longer not have to self-isolate on return from 1 November onwards,”
“So after 18 months of pain, we will see some relief. I was very concerned border communities were being left off the Covid-19 Road Map,”

Mildura independent state MP Ali Cupper, Mildura Mayor Jason Modica and Wentworth mayor Sue Nicols joined Mrs Dalton recently appearing in Mildura to raise crossboder concerns in September.

“I’d like to thank them all for their advocacy, and express my gratitude to all those constituents who have been writing to Ministers requesting an easing of border rules.
“Hard border closures are a harsh, blunt way of containing Covid-19 outbreaks. They have caused immense pain across Southern NSW and I hope we never see them again.”

As Melbourne exits lockdown for the sixth time, residents could have their range of freedoms extended as the state nears its 80 per cent vaccination target ahead of schedule.

Analysts predict Victoria’s 80 per cent fully vaccinated goal could be reached one week ahead of schedule, by the 30th of October.

It was originally forecast that Victoria would achieve the goal of 80 per cent of its eligible population double-dose rate around the 5th of November.

Wearing masks outdoors will be scrapped and all retail outlets will reopen with up to 150 fully vaccinated patrons permitted inside venues once Victoria arrives at that point.

Victoria will also scrap quarantine requirements for Australians that have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine after arriving from overseas in a bid to align with policy in NSW at the start of next month.

The federal government home affairs Karen Andrews announced on Friday that parents of Australians - including foster and other caregivers - will be able to apply to return home from 1 November.


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