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  • Ellis Gelios

NRL shocks, NBA handbags and a homecoming in our world sports wrap

A homecoming for Flow FM’s World Sports expert Eddie Dadds

Flow FM's World Sports expert Eddie Dadds dialled in from Country NSW this week to discuss the latest global headlines after returning to home soil after his extended stay in Canada. The contributor delved into the latest developments from multiple continents, touching on topics such as the latest NBA handbags featuring Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant, along with the latest F1 thrills and spills; and a dismal performance by Maclaren at the Bahrain Gran Prix. Dadds also turned his attention to both Manchester United and Canberra United (A-leagues Women's team) after both clubs were humiliated last weekend for very different reasons, along with Novak Djokovic's frustration with the US government and a bumper opening weekend of NRL action which included two bemusing press conferences and shock results all round.


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