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  • Rikki Lambert

Meatwork staffing a potential price disrupter for livestock farmers in 2023

It may be a new year but the continuing shortage of agricultural workers could bite cattle and sheep farmers this year according to one industry analyst.'s Matt Dalgleish told Flow a situation to watch in cattle and sheep pricing this year would be buying bottlenecks that might arise if meat processing facilities struggle to source labour:

"We know that the herd and the flock's growing. We know that we're going to have higher slaughter as that herd and flock grows. We've still got issues with capacity in labour in processing.
"I'm worried we might see a bit of a bottleneck through parts of the year and that could cause some price disruption to producers if we can't clear some of these stock in processing."

Hear the full interview with's Matt Dalgleish on the Flow podcast player below:


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