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Buloke Extends an Invitation in VNI West Consultation

Buloke Shire Council will invite Minister for Climate Action, Energy and Resources Lily D’Ambrosio to their community to meet with to discuss the Victoria to New South Wales Interconnector West (VNI West) Project with Councillors, farmers, and affected ratepayers.

Council resolved to take this action at its 9 May 2024 Ordinary Meeting, discussing the matter at length, concerned about why the government would want to put the route through some of the most highly productive agricultural ground in Victoria.

Mayor Cr Alan Getley is keen to see the Minister visit Buloke to openly discuss the VNI West Project.

“Councillors have been engaging regularly with our community one on one and at organised meetings over several months and we are hearing loud and clear a degree of dissatisfaction in the level of consultation and clarity around the project.

“We will invite the Minister to come to the agricultural heartland of Victoria and talk face to face with the community and hear firsthand the concerns around loss of income and production, disruption to farming practices and the wide-ranging concerns held in the community concerning the project”.

Council will write to the Minister’s office extending the invitation and are hopeful of an open and honest dialogue.



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