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Market Day: Wool an attractive market

Michelle Wools Andrew Partridge says the wool market is looking "a bit attractive" towards the end of the week.

"The biggest positive of the week was towards the end of the week. As we know, over in Western Australia there on a different timeline. They had the last wool market in Australia each week that sells, their market actually sitting very positive towards the end of the week.

"There's a little bit of indirection in the market. But as the day sort of went on through midweek, Tuesday, Wednesday, we had a lot nice low dollar that went under 65 cents. So in US terms, the market is looking a bit attractive.

Chinese buyers stepped in during the later half of the week, CMU and Red Sun who buy through Sequoia and "more than they normally do. So, we put a positive trend in towards the end of the market and it looked all over as well," Mr Partridge said.


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