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  • Rikki Lambert

Mad Max 0 'Furiosa' starring Chris Hemsworth to film in NSW

An "epic" prequel to the Mad Max film franchise starring Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth will be filmed in NSW, pumping $350 million into the state's economy.

The blockbuster Furiosa is slated for release in mid-2023, will employ 850 people and is expected to become the biggest film ever to be made in Australia.

After having to leave Australia to find work in the US, Hemsworth said in Sydney on Monday it is a dream come true to be able to film such an iconic project at home.

"This will be my fourth or fifth film here in Australia.
"(But) it really is, out of everything I've done, the biggest pinch myself moment, because I've grown up watching it and it's so iconic."
"It is a huge honour - a lot of pressure but exciting pressure that is certainly motivating."

Stars and crews alike will travel to various locations across the state, including Broken Hill, to shoot the film which will span several years.

Filmmaker George Miller - who with Byron Kennedy created the Mad Max franchise starring Mel Gibson in 1979 - said he was extremely grateful to shoot the film in his home country, thanks to significant financial support from the state and federal governments.

Miller said:

"I had friends in England shooting movies that were shut down two or three times."

Miller fought a long-running legal battle over the filming rights for the Mad Max franchise, and filming of Fury Road had to shift to Namibia in southern Africa when Australia's outback had experienced a rare burst of greenery, not looking desolate enough.

Miller is equally excited by the role Australia's film boom is playing in its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

"When you look at the credits of a film there are lots and lots of jobs..
"I can't think of one discipline or one profession that is not used in film."
"Being able to make this film here ... it means that we're keeping the talent here - that really brilliant talent who previously went overseas."

The Queen's Gambit lead Anya Taylor-Joy will also star in the film, as a younger version of Furiosa, played by Charlize Theron in 2015 blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the film reinforced the state's status as the cultural capital of Australia.

"Our government is incredibly proud of the talent we have, we want to harness it here in NSW.
"We're using it to create jobs, to build up the industry and to make sure that, Sydney, NSW and Australia are cultural icons."

-- with AAP


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