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  • Ellis Gelios

Kings break NZ hearts as Cooks off to see the Wizards, from Oz

Xavier Cooks celebrates the Kings' win on 15 March

Flow FM's basketball expert Dan Crouch reviews NBL season and discusses latest NBA news

Flow FM's basketball expert Dan Crouch appeared on the Sports Hour this week to review the NBL season after the Sydney Kings overcame a resilient New Zealand Breakers outfit to clinch a second consecutive championship.

Crouch illustrated how pivotal Xavier Cooks, the league's MVP, has been for the Kings this season after the announcement that he would join NBA side, the Washington Wizards, as soon as the NBL season concluded.

Crouch also discussed the latest round of NBA action and gave his verdict on who he sees emerging as this season's MVP out of the two frontrunners, who he believes to be Nikola Jokic and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Crouch also dissected the latest off-court controversy relating to an Instagram post made by Ja Morant, who will serve an eight-game suspension following the gun video he posted to the platform.


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