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  • Ellis Gelios

Jade Benham updates Flow listeners on latest Wimmera Mallee Pipeline developments

Nationals Member for Mildura, Jade Benham, appeared on this week's Country Viewpoint to discuss a range of issues and provide Victorian listeners with updates from within her electorate.

One of the key issues on Benham's agenda at the moment relates to recreational water use for residents in Wimmera Mallee region.

Benham told listeners she asked Harriet Shing, the Member for Eastern Victoria and the Minister for Water, to make a formal commitment pledging the community's water supply will remain secure.

"We're asking Minister Singh just to reassure communities that fall under the Wimmera-Mallee Lakes Alliance, that that water is going to be secure with high security, it's actually not much because the government carry over water, recreational water we're asking for, they carry it over every year," Benham said.

"All we're asking for is 0.6% of that carryover to make sure that the lakes remain full during dry periods, so it's really not that much of an ask, the waters there anyway in recreational water and it ticks so many boxes.

"The social outcomes, it's much nicer when you live by a body of water like a lake and also the environmental benefits as well, keeping them full for the birdlife, the wildlife and recreation that we all love."

Image credit: Jade Benham MP official Facebook page

Benham provided further context as to the nature of the issue, emphasising the importance of recreational water use for the wellbeing of residents in her electorate.

"The Wimmera Mallee Pipeline Lakes Alliance Network include the lakes through the Wimmera, it also goes into the DWM lakes essentially, including Oyen Lake, Watcham Lake, which is beautiful and full at the moment, it's fantastic out there," Benham said.

"There's been some issues around whether or not they are guaranteed high security water, I actually had this discussion with Peter Walsh over dinner...he had a couple of different thoughts on it as well, so different perspectives."


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