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  • Rikki Lambert

Helen Dalton making a friendship beeline for Premier Perrottet

Mrs Dalton with her now former SFF colleagues after their 2019 state electoral wins

The newly independent Murray MP in the NSW parliament has lost political friends in her former Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party colleagues but told Flow listeners she'll be Liberal Premier Perrottet's friend as he loses control of parliament.

Mrs Dalton told Flow on Friday:

"Being in the SFF party has held me back on many issues. I will be heading, when I get back down to Sydney, towards Dom Perrottet's office and saying we need to make these (floodwater harvesting) changes.
"I've been chaperoned enough by the party, I need to advocate strongly for the people of Murray, I think doors will open for me and Dom Perrottet will welcome me with open arms.
"I think odds on Labor may win (the Holsworthy) by election ... Dom Perrottet will need more friends and that friend will be me, and I will be advocating very very strongly for Murray, particularly with water, health, education, digital connectivity and infrastructure."

Flow broke the news on Thursday afternoon that Mrs Dalton was parting company with the SFF, who responded with claims on Facebook regarding Mrs Dalton's personal water trading history and position on environmental water for South Australia.

Mrs Dalton told Flow on Friday morning the SFF statements were a 'creative writing piece' and 'rubbish', adding:

"They've been in a dreamworld. The limited knowledge they have ... (Upper House SFF MLC) Robert Borsak has even told me he doesn't know much about water.
"They just want to get down and dirty, its a big decision for me to leave the party, I was hoping to just leave amicably and hope they would do the same ... it really doesnt surprise me they've put out some media rubbish, all I want to do is my best for the electorate."

Listen to Flow's interview with Helen Dalton responding to SFF claims about her record on the podcast below:


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