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  • Ellis Gelios

Friendly Fire and an F1 Finn's prank lead this week's weird world of sports

Eddie Dadds dials in for this week's 'weird world of sports' Arvo Flow sports segment with high-profile house robberies and bogan wannabes dominating the headlines

Eddie Dadds, in his 'weird world of sports' segment, touched on Raheem Sterling leaving England's World Cup camp because of a house break-in back home on his weekly Arvo Flow segment.

Sterling had to endure the difficult news that he may be absent if England make it all the way to a World Cup final and potentially go on to taste success for the first time since 1966, after news that his family residence had been broken into in Surrey in the United Kingdom.

Dadds also defended his fellow contributor and Socceroos Captain Mat Ryan, who was on the end of friendly fire with his club teammate, who poked fun at Ryan after his howler for the Socceroos against Argentina ultimately resulted in the Socceroos bowing out of the World Cup.

Also on this week’s agenda was Finnish F1 star Valtteri Bottas dressing as an Aussie bogan, sporting the iconic Victoria Bitter logo on a costume which received widespread acclaim on social media this week.


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