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  • Ellis Gelios

Can the Galah conquer the runaway Nunga in Ouyen tennis?

Ouyen Lawn Tennis Club President Paul Dean recaps Rohan Gregg memorial tournament and previews this week's action

Ouyen Lawn Tennis Club President Paul Dean joined Ellis Gelios on the Flow Friday Sports Show this week to recap the Rohan Gregg memorial tournament and preview this week's action.

Dean reviewed last weekend's tournament winners and informed listeners of the wide-spread interest in the tournament, with tennis fans flocking from other regional centres and metropolitan neighbourhoods to catch a glimpse of Ouyen's finest tennis stars.

Dean also profiled Greg Cooke, the club's first ever Rohan Gregg memorial tournament life member after he was recognised on the weekend for his 'outstanding service as tournament referee for well over 30 years', in what was a surprise announcement.

Dean also provided his preview for this week's Grand Final with Nunga taking on Galah and whether underdogs Galah can spring a surprise on the biggest stage after Nunga's undefeated season.


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