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  • Rikki Lambert

Young drivers bell the cat on parents, perceptions: RAA

The RAA's annual survey of participants in its secondary schools program shows less negative perceptions from the younger generation but also alarming statistics on their parents or caregivers' poor role modelling.

Data released on Monday shows that 42 per cent of 2,800 school students had seen their parent or caregiver break the speed limit while driving, and 40 per cent had used mobile phone text messaging whilst behind the wheel.

RAA Community Engagement Senior Manager Ben Haythorpe said the behaviours had potentially catastrophic consequences:

"It's vitally important parents serve as good role models when driving. This type of reckless and dangerous behaviour not only puts people at risk, it can also legitimise the practice among impressionable youngsters."

The younger generation's perceptions of policing is also changing, the RAA claims, with data indicating over a 13 year survey period, those believing police picked on provisional licence holders had fallen from 50 to 26 per cent.

Just 18 per cent believe young drivers have too many restrictions, despite more restrictions have been imposed since 2009 when 34 per cent held that view.


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