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  • Jason Regan

Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail officially opened

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

The Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail is officially open. The Council committed $80,000 worth of the $1 million provided by the Federal Government's Drought Communities Program to complete the project.

Some of the key attendees at the official opening of the Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail, Yorke Peninsula Council Director of Assets and Infrastructure Andre Kompler, Peter Stockings, Peter Twartz, Jason Swales, Alan Twartz, Cheryl Bates, Yorke Peninsula Council Visitor Information Servicing Officer Gabrielle Gutsche, Yorke Peninsula Council Operations Manager Stephen Goldsworthy, Yorke Peninsula Council Environment Officer Letitia Dahl-Helm, Yorke Peninsula Council Operations Coordinator Nick Hoskin, Councillor Adam Meyer, Mayor Darren Braund.

The trail capitalises on the stunning salt lakes scattered throughout the southern Yorke Peninsula by encouraging self-drive tours, from a 15-minute trek to extended adventures.

Many of these lakes are naturally pink, and they can also appear orange, blue and white.

The lakes also change dramatically throughout the year, rewarding repeat visits.

The Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail begins at Weaners Flat Reserve on Stansbury Road, Yorketown, with a boardwalk and informative large sign at Par Lake.

This sign points visitors in the right direction for all of the different self-drive tours available.

Yorke Peninsula Council Mayor Darren Braund during his speech officially opening the Yorke Peninsula Salt Lake Trail, in front of the information sign at Par Lake, Weaners Flat Reserve

Signs and lookouts are scattered along the trail to maximise the tour experience.

Mayor Darren Braund gave a speech before officially opening the trail.

“This trail is another wonderful offering for visitors to our region,” Mr Braund said.

Mr Braund commended the residents, council staff, and elected members, particularly Councillor Adam Meyer, tradespeople, and everyone else involved in bringing the salt lake trail to fruition.


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