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  • Ellis Gelios

UniSA researcher and academic says rental housing standards in Australia fall way short of the mark

Research-intensive Associate Professor in Architecture and Enterprise Fellow at UniSA, Dr Lyrian Daniel, has told Flow FM that the pandemic intensified sections of accommodation across the country amid Australia’s currently worsening housing crisis.

Speaking on the Country Viewpoint program, Daniel told listeners that in her opinion, the pandemic was key in exposing Australia’s subpar housing conditions in certain parts of the nation.

There's a lot of problems within the housing system that we're seeing at the moment, so from unaffordability to, you know, precarious housing, evictions, things like that as well as sort of the actual conditions of the homes themselves - I guess none of these are really new problems,” Daniel said.

“So, in the decades leading up to the pandemic, these problems have been present within the housing sector and within the private rental sector in Australia.

“But really, pandemic, it did two things, I think. Number one is that for many households around Australia, it exacerbated a lot of these problems,” Daniel stated.

Daniel went on to clarify the myriad of factors contributing to the current housing crisis in Australia.

“[Factors are] things like people's perhaps lower incomes, less secure employment, having to be in your home all the time, those problems exacerbated, and then the other thing was that for many of us that don't face these problems, it actually shed a bit more of a light on how widely experienced some of these problems are in Australia,” Daniel said.

“So, I guess now that we're sort of coming out of that really critical stage of the pandemic, we're seeing much more continued discussion about these various problems within Australia and within the media.”


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