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  • Rikki Lambert

Unfinished business - inquiries into dam water handling, levees and COVID-19

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

The Liberal Democrats' MLC for Northern Victoria has plenty still to pursue in state parliament with the November 26 election imminent.

Tim Quilty MLC has been visiting flood-affected communities and expressed anger at the state government's lack of response to concerns about the state of levee banks in now flooded communities.

The regional MP also expressed concern that water managers held back too much water in dams in a mindset that the climate had changed such that rivers would not flood as heavily as the past, leaving little room to reduce flood peaks.

Citing the Cromwellian era of British politics, Mr Quilty said it was unprecedented the way he and colleague David Limbrick were banned from attending parliament due to their refusal to disclose their vaccination status. Both had received the requisite number of doses at the time but refused to disclose on principle.

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:

Quilty is the only LDP MP in the parliament, his former colleague David Limbrick quit his south east metropolitan seat to contest the senate in the May election. Mr Limbrick is running to return to his seat in the November 26 poll.


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