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  • Rikki Lambert

Time to move on corellas: Vic opposition

A western Victorian MP has called on the state government to release its corella management plan, saying the birds are causing damage to infrastructure in local communities.

Deputy leader of the Nationals and member for Lowan Emma Kealy told Flow:

"We're in corella breeding season at the moment and I'm getting more and more complaints through my office. People managing our community assets, ovals, bowling greens, power lines - I've even had complaints where corellas have pecked out the rubber seal around a windscreen and the windscreen has fallen on someone while they've been driving.
"We're not seeing any action from the government ... DELP had prepared a Victorian statewide corella strategy which would be 'released shortly'. That was in June of last year and we still haven't seen a statewide corella strategy. I don't understand why the department and why the government are sitting on this when it could be something that was put into action by our local councils, businesses and community groups to manage corellas rather than this horrendous damage that costs so much."
"When they get into these really critically high numbers it's not sustainable for the community ...I hear that the government are a little concerned they (didn't) want to appear before an election perhaps that they would be making a strategy that involves a culling program of corellas."

Hear the full interview with Emma Kealy MP on the Flow podcast player below:

The Victorian government was contacted for comment on Tuesday but has not provided a response.


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