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  • Ellis Gelios

Speed Lions Club in line for top gong after fundraising success

The Speed Lions Club could take out the Awards Australia Community Achievement Award after being named a finalist in the category.

The club will contest the final round of the award with four other organisations.

Most of the credit will go the way of the 24 volunteers at the club who have been instrumental in securing critical funds for the community. Their philanthropic drive comes as a result of the success of the headline event, the Mallee Machinery Field Days, held in August this year.

Speed Lions Club member Matt Brady said the achievement was highly significant, noting the challenge that was presented to the club in organising a premier event after the two-year hiatus due to COVID-19.

“We’re really proud of the nomination.”
“We’re a small but dedicated group and while we prefer our focus to be on the other charitable organisations and community groups we are able to assist as a result of the field days, it is nice to be recognised for our ongoing commitment to the event.”
“There’s so many great groups out there doing wonderful things for their communities.”


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