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  • Rikki Lambert

Senator pursues COVID-19 vaccination answers

A Liberal senator is pursuing answers on the adverse impacts of the vaccination program against COVID-19 but has been thwarted thus far by Labor and the Greens.

Former lawyer Alex Antic says he is pursuing evidence of the hospital presentations post vaccination and the legal protections Australian governments gave big pharmaceutical companies in the vaccine rollout:

"A little while ago I put in a FOI doc regarding cardiac presentations at public hospitals and I got some data back which was pretty alarming, I have to say. It shows a pretty significant spike in cardiac presentations, people turning up with chest pains in public hospitals around the time the vaccine was rolled out - that's July of 2021 or thereabouts.
"There's an enormous spike particularly the 15 to 44 year olds, where we see a really enormous spike, and then again when the boosters rolled out. I've been looking for answers on that, we don't seem to be getting a position from SA Health on that but the figures are very, very concerning to me."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:

The Liberal senator says he has seen agreements between foreign governments and pharmaceutical companies exempting the latter from liability and leaving the potential compensation cost with taxpayers. Senator Antic says his attempt with a coalition of concerned senators from One Nation, fellow Liberals and the United Australia Party to secure copies of the Australian equivalents was thwarted last week in the Senate by the Labor government and Greens on the crossbench.


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