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  • Jason Regan

RFS urges people to call Triple Zero in an emergency

The NSW Rural Fire Service (NSW RFS) is reminding all local residents to always call Triple Zero (000) first in an emergency.

Operational Officer Bradley Stewart said there have been several recent instances where people have called Fire Control Centres, brigade stations or even firefighters’ personal mobiles to report a fire.

“Triple Zero is the only number people should call during an emergency situation.
“By calling Triple Zero immediately, the most appropriate emergency crews can be deployed without delay,” Officer Stewart said.

Officer Stewart further stated that the aim of the NSW RFS is to achieve a rapid initial attack that catches the head of the fire before it reaches its potential rate of spread.

He said persons not calling Triple Zero in the first instance only delays the initial response such as the dispatching of multiple brigades and aircraft on elevated fire danger days.

“Any delay in emergency services arriving at an incident, may result in a fire escaping and causing additional damage to property that could potentially have been avoided and could unnecessarily place lives at risk," Officer Stewart said.

Triple Zero operators will ask callers whether they require Police, Fire or

Ambulance. Those calling Triple Zero are asked to describe the situation and provide an accurate location, including cross streets or landmarks where possible.

Officer Stewart also encouraged parents to make sure their children know to dial Triple Zero in an emergency and can give the operator their correct address.

People who do not speak English or have hearing or speech impediments can also

contact emergency services.

“People who do not speak English should call Triple Zero, say ‘fire’ and then leave the phone off the hook. The call will be recorded and traced and a fire truck will be sent to that address,” Officer Stewart said.
“Residents with hearing or speech impairments should call the one-zero-six (106) text-based emergency call service using a text phone.


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