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  • Ellis Gelios

Personality coach Kate Mason pushes for more life coaching services in regional and rural Australia

Personality coach, author, and public speaker, Kate Mason, is advocating for regional and rurally-based Aussies to have greater access to life coaching services.

Photo credit: Kate Mason - The Personality Coach official Facebook page

After spending much of her professional career working alongside regional councils, Mason appeared on Flow's Country Viewpoint program this week to spread her message of support for Aussies in the bush in need of more face-to-face professional services.

"I went and worked with regional councils, I worked with council workers, I saw people come in to me going, 'what is this woman doing here? I've got no belief system on whatever she's about to present' and walking out totally different people, coming up and thanking me for the gift of presenting with them," Mason said.

"So yes, I think that a lot of people are very guarded and skeptical of this type of thing and I had a turnaround in everyone, even council road workers who were just wonderful guys who came in, of course, full of skepticism and it was great."

"I've done it [personality coaching] regionally, I've visited a lot of country people to get them to understand themselves and then acknowledge and understand others."

Mason also elaborated on how she goes about providing guidance and direction as well as the methods she uses to allow her clients to discover more about themselves.

"I'm here as a teacher, I'm here as a coach and I'm here to teach you how to understand yourself and I have a variety of tools that will educate you about who you are," Mason said.

"I have a real belief that once you work out who you are and how you relate to other people, it will be a life changer, a serious life changer and you might then work out that you might need to seek mental health strategies.

"But other than that, what I find is that most people go, 'oh my goodness, actually I'm doing okay, it's just these other things that I need to fix' which are fixable.

"So yes, I would love to talk to people who are in that kind of position...that's my spot."


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