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  • Rikki Lambert

'Panic mode' - MP slams Thursday's energy recall to Canberra

A regional South Australian MP says the Albanese government's snap recall of parliamentarians to Canberra this Thursday to debate energy measures indicated the government was in 'panic mode'.

The federal government discussed with state premiers and territory chief ministers last week proposals to cap gas and coal prices and other measures to deliver savings for lower income households struggling to afford electricity.

Liberal member for Grey, Rowan Ramsey criticised the sudden move:

"I've had to cancel a number of things I was doing around the electorate and I understand the Labor party is calling people back from overseas. ... It will cost millions of dollars to call people back to Canberra on Thursday but I will be there.
"The government went to the election promising a $275 (power price) cut. The war in Ukraine started in February, they were promising this leading up to May, they had a budget (in October) ... but instead of the $275 cut they told us electricity was going up 56 per cent and gas 44 per cent.
"Now, after they passed the budget in the final week of parliament. they suddenly decided to do something else about this - that's looking like panic mode to me. We've got a government that isn't making rational decisions."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:


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