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  • Ellis Gelios

Ouyen Rams tame Tempy Tigers to triumph in Red Cliffs cricket

Victorious Ouyen Rams President Dom Leach phoned in to the Flow Friday Sports Show this week after the side's epic Grand Final win over local rivals Tempy Tigers.

The Rams lifted their second title in as many seasons at the Onion Patch as the 2022/23 Red Cliffs Cricket A-Grade competition concluded with yet another Ouyen derby game.

While basking in glory, Leach retrospectively admitted that he was totally unphased about the performance of both teams after both batting orders appeared to struggle as a result of the venue's surface.

However, he did concede that there was cause for concern as the Rams looked to their bowling stocks for inspiration early on in Saturday's tense affair.

Also discussed in the segment was the prospect of a venue change in the lead-up to the clash, considering the final was to be contested between two Ouyen-based teams which both had to travel to an outside town.


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