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  • Ellis Gelios

Ouyen keeping a lid on the hype in Red Cliffs A-grade cricket

Ouyen Rams President Dom Leach is keeping cautious despite A-grade's blistering form in Red Cliffs Cricket action.

Leach provided an internal analysis on the A-Grade team's narrow victory against Robinvale last weekend, by four wickets, importantly securing a home Semi Final.

The joy around the club did not extend to the B-Grade who suffered a defeat against the high-flying Nursery Ridge.

Leach unwrapped last weekend's Saturday night shenanigans - the Super 8s social cricket match, which took place at Blackburn Park between three different social teams featuring past players of the club.

The B-Grade sit out this weekend while the A-Grade face Cardross on the road in what could turn out to be a banana peel for the league leaders if they underestimate their opposition.

Leach also provided a rundown on how both divisions across the association are currently placed.


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