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  • Rikki Lambert

Nationals senator's nuclear move 'run off on his own' - but the party's on board

David Littleproud (left) with Senator Matt Canavan in June 2021

National Party leader David Littleproud has indicated his senate colleague, Queensland LNP senator Matt Canavan had not moved in concert with his party on nuclear energy - but removing the ban was nonetheless the Party's position.

Speaking with Flow on Monday after SA Liberal senator Alex Antic confirmed he would co-sponsor senator Canavan's bill to remove a ban on nuclear energy in Australia, Mr Littleproud said in response to the question whether the party had a position on removing the ban:

"That is the National Party's position and Matt's run off on his own, the Nationals were the ones that led that when I wrote to the Prime Minister. And this isn't big nuclear power plants, this is about a conversation of bringing the population with us. We just talked about transmission lines - the new emerging technology, the small scale modular, they're very small and portable and you can plug them in to where coal-fired power stations are now. So you don't need transmission lines ..."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player:


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