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National Road Safety week:urges Australians to take saftey pledge

National Road Safety week is highlighting the increase in road deaths across Australia and encouraging Australians to take the pledge to drive safe on our roads.

Australia’s peak motoring body is concerned as road toll increases across Australia, the monthly figures ending February 2023 show an 3.9 per cent increase in road deaths.

The Australian Automobile Association said," [the] Bureau of Infrastructure and Transport Research Economics data show 1,187 people died on the nation’s roads in the 12 months to the end of February – 45 more than in the same period a year ago."

Regional councils are also taking part in the initiative to raise awareness on road safety by lighting towns and local attractions yellow. Kingston District Council is partnering with the Department for Infrastructure and Transport who has provided funding to light-up a known accident site at the entrance of Kingston.

Kingston District Council Chief Executive Officer Nat Traeger explained the location, saying “we chose a small island and footbridge in Maria Creek, which is located in our Apex Park.”

“The island is in a prominent location at the intersection of the Princes Highway and East Terrace and has unfortunately, in recent years, been the location of several accidents, including a fatality in 2021," Mr Traeger said.

National Road Safety week is form the 14th - 21st of May 2023.


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