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  • Jason Regan

More deaths on Victorian roads in 2021

More people died on Victoria's roads in 2021 than the year before, with 236 lives lost.

The annual road toll is an increase on the 2020 toll of 211 deaths, primarily on metropolitan roads.

There were 117 deaths in Melbourne and its suburbs, compared with 84 in 2020.

Victoria also saw an increase in single-vehicle fatal crashes, which accounted for 46 lives lost, compared with 33 in 2020.

Despite the state-wide increase, regional Victoria recorded its second-lowest number of lives lost on record with 119 deaths, which is down from 126 in 2020. 

People continue to die while not wearing a seatbelt (36), while 96 fatalities were in vehicles more than 10 years old that often lack modern safety features.

Motorcyclists accounted for a significant proportion of deaths, with 41, up from 32 in 2020.


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