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Member for Murray, Helen Dalton, bemoans lack of action on latest Basin Plan developments

Griffith-based NSW politician, Helen Dalton, appeared on the Country Viewpoint on Flow FM this week to address the latest developments relating to the highly-controversial Murray-Darling Plan.

The debate over water entitlement has become a tribal political hot potato over the past few years and instigations did little to impress Dalton.

Dalton revealed that she tried to make headway on the latest issues on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan by reaching out to the Federal Water Minister, Tanya Plibersek, but her attempts were futile.

"Obviously, the latest issue is the taking another 450 gigalitres of water out of the system or out of the consumption and that's going to really put a wrecking ball through many of the communities...we have been trying to liaise with the Federal Water Minister, Tanya Plebiscite, and she's refused to see us," Dalton said.

"We were in Canberra the last two weeks, knocked on her door and she wouldn't have a meeting at all with us and this was sort of over a six-week period trying to coordinate a meeting time, she's not listening to the people on the ground and of course we know what's going to happen if they take another 450 gigalitres out.

Dalton stressed that less water would mean more hardship for citizens in her electorate in the future.

"It just means that, you know, we get a reduction of services, banks closing small towns, people leave, footy club and netball club closes - it just means hardship for all of us...of course we're expected to do more with less water, we're expected to feed a growing nation and export to many countries," exclaimed Dalton.

"I think for people, this is the tipping point and right here in Parliament in New South Wales, I've certainly made it very, very clear to Chris Minns that really the conversation should be around, do you want irrigated ag [agriculture]? Do you want Australian food on your plate? So we have been doing lots of things in Parliament and we've met with the Water Minister and of course the Premier on several occasions about this."


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