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  • Ellis Gelios

Member for MacKillop, Nick McBride, relishing independent tag after shock exit from SA liberals

Nick McBride, who has been the Member for MacKillop since 2018, left his post in the South Australian Liberal Party in early July, citing "dark forces" had strongly influenced his decision to become an independent.

Image credit: Nick McBride MP - Member for MacKillop

McBride, who has generational Liberal Party roots, appeared on Flow FM's Country Viewpoint this week to inform listeners about a range of talking points, including how he is finding his feet as an independent.

"Now that I've stepped back out of the Liberal Party as such and don't represent the party like I used to, it is now seen as not about Nick McBride, it's all about MacKillop...that is one of the things I'm going to relish," McBride said.

"One of the things that's been clearly highlighted to me that probably distinguishes me from most MPs is that I'm outcome driven and outcomes are most important rather than political game playing or point scoring.

"People are generally coming up to me, thanking me for being an independent and I think people's spirits and perhaps even expectations now of MacKillop have lifted's exciting, It's an opportunity, I'm going to make sure that these opportunities work and that we can actually start delivering more for MacKillop than what I would have if I'd been in opposition in the Liberal Party."

Along with pursuing a life in politics, McBride also works as a grazier.


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