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  • Jason Regan

Limestone Coast Football Council releases sustainability report

After a flurry of social media activity last night the truth behind the Limestone Coast Football Council's report has been released to the public.

The Council was asked to review the sustainability and structure of Football on the Limestone Coast and it met last night with key stakeholders to discuss the contents of the report.

Those stakeholders included representatives of the Western Border, KNT and Mid South East Football Leagues along with key members of the Kalangadoo and Penola Football Clubs.

The key recommendation of the Council's final report was for the Kalangadoo and Penola Football Clubs to relocate into the Western Border Football League by 2023.

Chair of the SANFL Regional Football Council Scott Duncan said that the recommendations are exactly that at this point, and no formal move approach has been made by either club to go anywhere at this stage.

"The idea was to give them (the clubs and leagues) a heads up before we released the report today," said Duncan.
"We didn't ask for a commitment from either club. All we did was ask both clubs involved to work with us to see where this ends up.
"There is no commitment to do anything at this point. There are no other details at this stage, we're not up to that point".

The situation blew up overnight following a Facebook post released by the KNT Football League which was taken down soon after it was posted.

Screenshot of the Facebook post from the KNT Football League which was later deleted

Before it was removed, several media outlets and club members had seized on the post as proof the move was a done deal and Kalangadoo and Penola were both on the move.

Both clubs (Kalangadoo and Penola) have today refuted the claim made in the deleted post, issuing their own statements confirming that no commitment to leave their current leagues has been made yet.


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