• Ellis Gelios

Intense weather lashes Victoria’s northwest

A photograph shared by Mildura independent state MP Ali Cupper

A wild weather event has rattled parts of regional Victoria including Mildura and Ouyen in the State’s northwest.

Thursday was also the wettest ever day for Mildura during the month of January in history.

Overnight, nearly 5,000 homes experienced power outages during critical times of need as 50mm of rain fell across parts of the state in a window of one hour.

As a result of the system causing flash flooding, the Victorian SES’ resources were stretched with 126 calls for help across the Mildura township.

Josh Gamble, a duty officer with the Victorian SES, appeared on Flow on Thursday to highlight the extent of the latest weather event engulfing Victorian regions.

“The impacts last night...we had about 120 jobs up near Mildura and down as far south as Ouyen.”
“We had some pretty isolated thunderstorms up there that produced some intense rainfall...we had more than 30 mil in 30 minutes, that’s what intense rainfall means and [it’s] potentially life-threatening.”

Gamble said it was unlikely conditions would ease throughout today.

“Today, we’re going to see some further storms possibly develop in the Wimmera and south-west weather districts, so Horsham down to Warrnambool across to Portland and back across to Maryborough.”

Another threat to the safety of residents is the potential for lightning to spark small fires.

The state recorded a high volume of lightning strikes overnight and one property in Bundoora was struck.

A large portion of the property was damaged in the blaze and occupants of the home were rushed to hospital by paramedics.