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  • Rikki Lambert

Inquiry needed into excess deaths in Australia: Antic

A federal senator says a comprehensive inquiry is needed into recent excess deaths in Australia coinciding with the COVID-19 pandemic and related vaccinations.

South Australian Liberal senator Alex Antic told FlowFM on Monday:

"The thing that's really worrying for me is that we're seeing the sorts of things that we saw so tragically reported in the Australian, the front page of the Australian with Amy Sedgwick, the young woman that was tragically died after her second COVID injection. I'm concerned that what we are seeing is a very large reaction to a very large vaccine rollout. And we need to get to the bottom of that because if that's the case, this can never be allowed to happen again. 
"You think about how many people we're talking about with those sorts of numbers per annum, 38,000 Australians. I mean, when you actually boil it down to that, this is a very, very large problem that is just simply not being addressed. 
"This needs an absolutely unique, specific bespoke Senate Select Committee, and I would say a royal commission as well."

Hear the full interview with Senator Alex Antic on the Flow podcast player below:


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