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  • Rikki Lambert

Get real about nuclear as an energy solution: SA senator

A Liberal senator says the gig is up for climate alarm and it was time to take nuclear energy seriously in Australia.

South Australian senator Alex Antic told FlowFM listeners he has co-signed a bill with Queensland Nationals senator Matt Canavan to repeal Australia's unique ban on nuclear energy.

With flooding in southern and eastern Australia due to a third successive year of La Niña climate conditions, the senator responded to University of Washington claims climate change would now drive that - not El Niño - conditions as a time to take stock:

"At some point common sense has got to rein in. If it's not COVID modelling, its climate modelling - I'm looking forward to the day one of them's accurate."
"These things (natural disasters) are not unprecedented, they happened for millennia -this is a very easy thing to do, pick on the latest flood or natural disaster and use it for your own craven purposes. We're heading into a very serious time in the world's energy future, the price rises, it's time to blow off the shackles of modelling and do something serious about this."

Hear the full interview on the Flow podcast player below:

The University of Washington study claimed:

"Global warming is widely expected to favor El Niños. ... The Pacific Ocean naturally cycles between El Niño and La Niña conditions, but our work suggests that climate change could currently be weighing the dice toward La Niña ... (a)t some point, we expect anthropogenic, or human-caused, influences to reverse these trends and give El Niño the upper hand.”

With carbon dioxide emissions considered a major driver of climate change, Senator Antic said his co-sponsored bill on nuclear energy reform was the most reliable pathway to net zero carbon emissions.

Germany has recently paused shutdown of its nuclear energy industry due in part to energy security concerns during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.


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