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  • Rikki Lambert

Funding for flooded southern NSW farmers tripled to $75,000

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

An example of flood damage at Eugowra in central western NSW

Farmers at Lockhart, Wagga Wagga, Narrandera and Federation shires are among many who will be able to access up to $75,000 in flood relief funding after the advocacy of NSW Farmers on Friday.

The NSW Farmers Association had pointed out that earlier in flood events in the state's north farmers had been eligible for up to $75,000 but, as of Friday morning, only $25,000 was being made available in other parts of the state.

Soon after raising concerns on FlowFM, the funding was tripled. More information is available here at the NSW Rural Assistance Authority.

Hear the full interview with NSW Farmers president Xavier Martin on the Flow podcast player below:

The NSW Emergency Services Minister visited Eugowra on the weekend to inspect flood damage first hand:

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