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  • Ellis Gelios

From Berri to Karbeethan, Gawler & Dists. softball is running strong

Veg Ingram previews huge weekend of Gawler Softball finals action and reviews Junior Championships in Riverland

Veg Ingram appeared on the Flow Friday Sports Show to preview a huge weekend of Gawler Softball finals action and review the Junior Championships which took place in Berri last weekend.

Ingram also broke down the storylines underpinning all the cut-throat ties set to play out across the mounds this week at Karbeethan Reserve, with both junior and senior teams back in action.

The Gawler and Districts Softball Association President also provided listeners with an update on how the Giants, Gawler's men's representative team, is tracking ahead of an all-important tie this Sunday.

Ingram also used her segment this week to remind followers of the competition in Gawler that this Sunday is the Junior and Senior Presentation Day is scheduled to take place this Sunday, March the 19th, at Karbeethan Reserve in Gawler.


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