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  • Ellis Gelios

Eyes on the prize in fancy footwork for future Southern Ports tennis

Egan Regnier talks about the latest tales from the Southern Ports tennis courts as Flow's tennis correspondent from South Australia appears on the Flow Friday Sports Show for another week of detailed conversation.

In the wake of a large volume of matches being cancelled last weekend, one compelling talking point raised included how the competition could potentially mitigate the consequences of cancelled matches due to summer rainfalls in the future.

Regnier said “there’s nothing you can do about the rain” after being grilled on whether the competition could face serious headaches in future Australian summers with more La Niña weather events forecast for 2023 and beyond.

Regnier said there were valid reasons to explore ways in which competition matches could be safeguarded in heavy rainfall periods due to participants having to sometimes commute to grounds an hour or more away from where they reside.

Regnier previewed this weekend’s line-up of matches with sunshine forecast for South Australia over the weekend.


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