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  • Ellis Gelios

Clock is ticking as massive New Year's Eve looms for Big Ben

The Great Bell of the striking clock, or otherwise affectionately known as the iconic London tourist attraction, Big Ben, will bong for the first time this New Year's Eve after a lengthy restoration project.

The night of December 31st will be the first time in four years that all faces of the world's most famous clock will be on display.

The bell will be struck 12 times to signal the beginning of the new year.

The bell will also be heard chiming sporadically in the lead-up to the big night as engineers carry out tests.

Ian Westworth is a mechanic charged with the responsibility of ensuring the clock is ready for action come the last night of the year and spoke of the significance of the clock and project.

"It's iconic - it's probably the world's most famous clock, and to have had our hands on every single nut and bolt is a huge privilege."
"It's going to be quite emotional when it's all over - there will be sadness that the project has finished, but happiness that we have got it back and everything's up and running again."

When works commenced in 2017 on the English icon, it would signal the beginning of the biggest project undertaken on restoring the iconic clock since its birth 160 years ago.

The main objective in installing the clock back in 1859 was for it to be known as the world's most accurate public timepiece.


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