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Australia welcomes nuclear subs sale breakthrough

A deal that paves the way for US legislation to pass and enable the sale of nuclear-powered submarines to Australia has been welcomed.

Australia has welcomed a breakthrough in the United States allowing the superpower to sell nuclear-powered submarines.

Congress powerbrokers have reportedly struck a deal that paves the way for Washington to sell at least three Virginia-class nuclear submarines to Australia in the next decade.

Noting the passage of the legislation was a matter of Congress, Defence Minister Richard Marles said the bipartisan support for the AUKUS alliance provided an enormous sense of confidence.

"As the deputy prime minister has said, across the political spectrum in the United States there is an overwhelming commitment to and strong support for the US-Australia alliance and for AUKUS," a spokeswoman for Mr Marles said.

"Australia welcomes the continued progress of legislation through the US Congress and acknowledges the ongoing work of Congress and Biden administration."

US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin has expressed confidence the two nations will be able to streamline collaboration in the long term.

Britain rounds off the AUKUS pact, which paves the way for Australia to acquire nuclear-powered submarines and collaborate over next-generation military tech.

Australia and the US nations are also reforming defence technology export laws to streamline the transfer of tech and intellectual property.

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