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  • Rikki Lambert

Tintinara, Truro, Snowtown and Mount Gambier top value in regional servos

As Christmas road trips loom, South Australia's peak motoring body has profiled some of the state's cheapest regional petrol stations for motorists.

The RAA has released its first ever list of the state's cheapest regional service stations for unleaded petrol and diesel on the cusp of an expected spike in fuel prices before the Christmas break.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace recommended drivers use a fuel price app to explore whether to fill up before leaving or at their destination:

"A RAA survey found motorists were saving an average of $28.10 a month - or $337.20 a year - by comparing prices charged at various service stations before filling up."

Meanwhile, Rural Doctors Association president Dr Megan Belot has urged drivers to be sensible on the roads this Christmas holidays:

"Ask anyone what their idea of a great Christmas is, and guaranteed they will not say it is watching their loved ones having to receive critical care in an emergency department following a road accident.
"Staying safe on the road comes down to some very simple but effective strategies:
  • drive safely – give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination, and drive to the speed limit and conditions

  • don’t drink and drive

  • don’t tailgate – leave a long three second gap (at the very least) between you and the vehicle in front

  • take a break if you’re tired

  • don’t look at your phone, search for music, or be distracted reaching for food or drink

  • don’t get distracted by the kids

  • be patient – don’t gamble the safety of your family or friends on risky decisions that are driven by impatience or intolerance of slower drivers

  • ensure the kids have plenty of entertainment options available to them in the car – and remember the usual screen time limits for home can be ignored if watching a movie is keeping them quiet while you’re driving!

Five of the 10 cheapest unleaded petrol outlets in regional South Australia were in Mount Gambier, with United Tintinara placed third in the past three months averaging over 10 cents lower than the average price in regional SA. Mobil Dublin, United Lower Light, Shell Snowtown, BP Nangwarry and Willalooka Tavern all featured in the ULP top twenty.

United Truro and 24 Seven Blanchetown rounded out the top twenty regional service stations at 172.6c compared to the 180c regional average over the three month period.

For diesel, the top twenty featured outlets at 9c below the average regional price at Shell Mallala, Saddleworth Roadhouse, Keith OPT and both BP Nangwarry and Shell Snowtown featuring again. Mount Gambier outlets were again prominent in the top twenty, with 5 entries.


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