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The Voice backfiring, Australia's defence investment & Telco closing down emails

Business support for the yes campaign is backfiring, companies including Wesfarmers, BHP and Rio Tinto have donated millions of dollars to the upcoming referendum on The Voice yes campaign.

BHP President Geraldine Slattery said in June that the company would assist employees to make an informed decision on the indigenous advisory body.

The Voice no campaigner Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price said, "the support of corporate Australia is backfiring and that some Australian employees are feeling ostracised."

Australia's defences will be bolstered by a deal to acquire 200 U.S Tomahawk missiles in $1.7 billion dollar deal to boost our long range strike capabilities.

The deal was part of the defence strategic review, the US will also supply Australia with 60 anti radiation guided missiles at a cost of $430 million.

The Defence Industry Minister Pat Conroy says, "the longterm aim is to build missiles in Australia."

The government will spend a further $50 million dollars to equip the the Australian Army Boxer Combat reconnaissance vehicles with anti tank guided missiles.

The Australian energy market will be releasing their 10 year forcast for the electric grid at the end of August.

The Australian energy market operator is poised to issue a stark warning about threats to supply in the electricity grid.

The sector will make an urgent call for business and investors to plan development projects amid concerns that the transition to renewable energy is not going smoothly as hoped.

TPG users are being forced to switch their emails to a messaging services which come with a monthly user fee.

The telco plans to close down its email services and push users into paid options in the next two months as closed down its email services.

Christine Moore has written to the Australian Competition Consumer Commission to complain that the TPG Telco is holding its email users to ransom, leaving users no choice but to move to Amplitel messaging service or have their account suspended and eventually deleted.


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