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Swift action urged to help save endangered parrot

Some states are yet to sign on to a new recovery plan that has been designed to help save the critically endangered swift parrot.

There is a fresh bid to save the critically endangered swift parrot, but some states are yet to sign on to a recovery plan.

It is believed there are only about 750 mature birds left in the wild, a far cry from when they could be found across eastern Australia.

Swift parrots breed in Tasmania in warmer months and fly across Bass Strait to the mainland during winter.

The recovery strategy focuses on bolstering their breeding habitat in Tasmania and reducing the number of sugar gliders there because they are key predators.

Governments in Tasmania and Queensland have backed the plan, but Victoria and NSW have not yet signed on.

"This new recovery plan will help all governments protect and revive this iconic species," Environment and Water Minister Tanya Plibersek said.

"It will help protect them from predators, support their habitats, and promote their future breeding."


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