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  • Jason Regan

Steering Committee selected for Moving Ag Machinery project

Representatives from primary production, machinery retail, logistics, and government have come together as part of a new project led by Grain Producers SA with the united goal of improving road safety and making compliance easier for primary producers.

The Moving Ag Machinery … Made Easy! project, is funded by the Federal Government’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative and administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

The project will gather feedback from across the commodity spectrum to help inform improvements, training, and resources aimed at primary producers who access the NHVR Portal for permits.

Managing the project is GPSA Regional Field Officer Shane Gale, who said the project has the potential to help in the development of similar initiatives nationally.

“As farms increase in scale, so too does the size of the machinery. This presents issues for not only motorists unfamiliar with slow-moving agricultural machinery but also for machinery dealers and producers,” he said.
“It will also be an important feedback mechanism for all levels of government to understand the issues facing everyone moving agricultural vehicles and combinations to meet statutory requirements.”

The steering committee is overseeing the project and is chaired by strategy and marketing specialist Michael Neale. It also includes:

  • John Gilbert, NHVR

  • Brad Perry, GPSA

  • Caroline Rhodes, Primary Producers SA

  • Dion Woolford, grain and livestock producer

  • Robert Brokenshire, Livestock SA

  • Anthony Pfitzner, grain and livestock producer

  • Adrian Flowers, SA Forest Products Association

  • Lindsay Crouch, Pringles Crouch

  • Tim Glover, Ramsey Bros

  • Tom Hage, Hage Tractors & Implements

  • Sami Gilligan, Wine Grape Council of SA

  • Toni Clarke, Local Government Association

  • Jarrod Beilby, Regional Development Australia

Mr. Neale said it was clear there is a significant appetite to improve the ease of compliance and the safety of all road users around agricultural machinery movements.

“This is an important project because of the significant benefit agriculture brings to the South Australian economy and to regional communities, but there is a safety and compliance issue that also needs to be addressed,” he said.
“What is really pleasing is the respect steering committee members are bringing to the process, particularly their willingness to listen to each other and understand each other’s concerns.”

GPSA will conduct surveys and focus groups to gain a broader understanding of the issues facing producers, with producers from across all commodity sectors strongly encouraged to participate.

This information will be captured in an action plan that will inform workshops, training, and educational resources for primary producers.

“It is so important we hear from farmers throughout South Australia as this is an issue that affects everyone,” Mr Gale said.
“This project will address road safety in an industry-wide, evidence-based way through engagement with those who need to access public roads all year round.”


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