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Rex airlines reducing regional flights

Regional airline Rex has reduced routes across Australia citing a “chronic shortage” of pilots and engineers.

Warrick Lodge Rex general manager of network strategy in a media release said “these adjustments are necessitated by the chronic shortage of airline professionals, particularly pilots and engineers, as well as the severe disruption in the supply chain of aircraft and engine parts.”

“We do understand the impact these adjustments would have on the regional communities affected as Rex is the lifeline for these communities," Lodge said.

“We pledge that we will reinstate the services once the situation has stabilised.”

Mayor of Ceduna Ken Maynard, whose region has been effected by the flight route reduction is concerned about the impacts of travel and safety.

“There's a difference between an hour and 20 minutes flight versus, an eight hour drive to Adelaide, vice versa,” Mr Maynard said.

“[It’s] not only just the general public travelling, but where we have the most, impact would be provision of medical services.

“We rely on doctors coming into town to relieve the doctors, we have visiting specialists that come,” he said.

The routes affected include: • Cairns-Bamaga • Sydney-Broken Hill • Broken Hill-Adelaide • Sydney-Wagga Wagga • Melbourne-Wagga Wagga • Mount Gambier-Melbourne • Whyalla-Adelaide • Port Lincoln-Adelaide • Ceduna-Adelaide


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