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  • Rikki Lambert

PM: COVID-19 vaccinations will not be compulsory, digital certificates not a 'passport'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told FlowNews24 in a letter that vaccinations against COVID-19 will not be compulsory, responding to questions sent last week about whether a 'covid passport' will be implemented and used - or permitted for use - to screen attendees at businesses or public events.

The PM's letter shared on FlowNews24's social media feeds states:

"While we want to achieve the highest rate of vaccination possible, it will not be compulsory to have the vaccine."

The Prime Minister was responding to questions sent last week regarding whether the federal government would accept other governments, businesses or community events, refusing entry to patrons or customers if they would not show a 'covid passport' including status that they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

Whilst not directly answering all of those questions, the PM said the current 'digital certificate' was not a 'passport' but a 'formal reward of your vaccination'.

South Australian premier Steven Marshall's office replied in a statement that they would leave that decision to national cabinet, while premiers Berejiklian in NSW and Andrews in Victoria have not yet responded.

On the Flow Morning Show, Rikki and Wayne discussed the letter and its implications:


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