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  • Rikki Lambert

PM condemns identity politics - SA Liberal senator says its lives at the ABC

The morning after Prime Minister Scott Morrison condemned identity politics in a Sydney speech, a South Australian Liberal senator has told FlowNews24 the divisive policy finds its home at the nation's major public broadcaster.

Responding to questions about a proposal to install a counterforce to social media giants Facebook and Twitter, run by the ABC, Senator Antic said he didn't support the idea for several reasons - not least of which, the ABC's emphasis on identity politics:

"The ABC is the very home in my view of identity politics in this country.
"The ABC in my view is sowing division, not unity."

Senator Antic feared that an ABC-run social media platform would be identical to Twitter:

"Immediately the principal answer for me is no.
"Really, in my view, if the ABC started its own social media network, we would just get another left wing echo chamber in the form of Twitter and other such organisations, the only issue is, this time, the taxpayer would pay for it."

Speaking to an Israel fundraising dinner on Thursday night, PM Morrison said about identity politics:

"Seeing the inherent dignity of all human beings is the foundation of morality.
"It makes us more capable of love and compassion, of selflessness and forgiveness.
"Because if you see the dignity and worth of another person ... you're less likely to disrespect them, insult or show contempt or hatred for them, or seek to cancel them, as is becoming the fashion these days."

Senator Antic's comments on identity politics and the ABC feature in the FlowNews24 podcast player below, while the full interview is available on the FlowNews24 podcast channel.


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